Sym-Agro, Inc. Launching Cinnerate Fungicide – Miticide

May 2, 2013 – Visalia, CA – Sym-Agro Inc has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Seipasa for its Cinnerate bio pesticide product in the U.S.  Peter Bierma, President of Sym-Agro sees a great fit for Cinnerate which is registered for use on most agricultural crops, in their product portfolio.

“Effective and biologically-based products are very attractive to fruit and vegetable growers, because they are always looking for new solutions that work and address their sensitivity to conventional pesticide usage. With Cinnerate we can offer these customers a 25B Exempt-, OMRI-certified,  knockdown fungicide for Powdery Mildew as well as good mite contril insecticide. Sym-Agro is also working with Seipasa to bring additional zero residue pesticide products in the new future, we feel our company is leading the way in offering, biologically-based solutions that offer many benefits beyond just excellent performance.”

Cinnerate, consists of an innovative formulation that enables to obtain high efficacies even at low concentrations. It has a high content in essential oils, having characterized different phenolic and monoterpenic compounds such as cinnamic aldehyde and eugenol as main components. It shows an eradicative effect against many fungal pathogens such as powdery mildews, rusts and others. Cinnerate disrupts the functioning of cell membranes as well as inhibits the growth, attachment and penetration of the pathogenic spores to the plant tissue.

We feel Cinnerate offers a new tool for both organic and conventional growers to control of powdery mildew, with a key advantage of not having a restriction on sulfur use before or after the products use. With many years of commercial use in Europe, Africa and middle east we are conifident in the products safety and performance on a full spectrum of crops.

Regarding the agreement with Sym-Agro Inc, Vicente of Seipasa comments, “Sym-Agro has shown great enthusiasm and knowledge in promoting the products and we are both pleased at the expansion of our collaboration to this new product.”

About Sym-Agro

About Sym-Agro, Inc: Headquartered in Visalia, California Sym-Agro’s focus is to represent, develop, and acquire high quality products to anticipate the evolving markets for solutions to grower needs. The company offers a growing portfolio of unique organic and conventional products and novel formulations. This unique strategy, in combination with an experienced management team, provides solutions and value for our customers. Further information is available at:

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SEIPASA believes in improving quality and food safety as an investment for the future. The preservation of natural resources and genetic diversity are essential for a sustainable agricultural development. SEIPASA is a reference company for the Spanish Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine affairs, and has gained the trust of the major wine, horticultural and agricultural producers from Spain and other countries, and advises many public and private forums.


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