Eckosil Shield

Eckosil Shield Cuticle Enhancer is a soluble Ortho-silicic acid formulation specifically designed to alleviate crop abiotic & heat stress and sunburn. It helps to reinforce plant cell walls, creating stronger plants with greater tolerance toward abiotic stress, reduced sunburn potential, and improved light absorption which leads to greater crop quality and marketable yield. Eckosil Shield also improves crop quality, finish, firmness, color, and reduces micro-fractures and post-harvest disorders, for higher marketable yield. This all results in  Eckosil Shield helping to alleviates abiotic stress in the plant such as temperature fluctuations, water shortages, excess rain and soil related stress (acidity, alkalinity, salinity, heavy metals etc.).

How Does It Work?
Eckosil Shield is quickly absorbed and incorporated into cell walls, improving heat, drought and cold tolerance by improving osmoregulation and reducing transpiration. The added mechanical strength and improved high temperature functioning makes the crop/fruit less susceptible to sunburn through internal heat dissipation and reduced heat induced oxidative stress. Improving high temperature plant function enables important nutrients like calcium to move extensively throughout the plant and to the correct tissue.

Superior Solar Protection – Sunburn Reduction Without Hassle
The issue with most solar protectants is that they utilize a mineral-based particle film, requiring 25-100 pounds of powder or 2-4 gallons of liquid, creating a time consuming and messy application. The standard application rate for Eckosil Shield is 16 ounces per acre, leading to faster mixing, loading, and more acres treated in a day. Because Eckosil Shield is absorbed into the treated tissue it provides a cooler canopy with superior UV light absorption. This results in increased photosynthetic activity, ensuring your crop productivity is at optimal levels for crop production and overall stress management. Simply taking the stress out of solar protection.

Heat Stress
Heat stress can be particularly challenging as it restricts leaf development, flower development, and photosynthesis in plants. Temperatures much above 90˚ F cause plants to virtually cease their metabolic functions, because water is lost through transpiration faster than it can be replaced via the plant’s root system. This results in harmful increases in intracellular mineral concentrations that inhibit plant functions.

Abiotic Stress
Increased levels of Eckosil Shield in cell walls reduce transpiration loss caused by higher temperatures and the low humidity of typical interior growing conditions, thus allowing continued metabolic functions at higher temperatures. The deposition of Eckosil Shield in the plant tissues reduces transpiration rates and reduces salt stress by inhibiting sodium uptake and absorption.

Eckosil Shield is exempt from tolerance and there is no limit on the number of applications per season. The formulation is easy to mix and apply without leaving visible residue

For Best Results:  Apply 8-16 ounces per acre prior to heat event and repeat every 10-14 days as needed

Application Methods:  Ground, air, or soil

Use Rate:  4-16 ounces per acre

Treatment Timing

  • Stress & Sunburn: Begin applications 15-30 days in advance of anticipated heat or abiotic stress.
  • Salinity Stress: Apply every 10-15 days during high salinity period
  • Application Interval: Treat every 10–15-day spray when protection is needed

Organic:  OMRI listed

Tank Mixing:  Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers

Regulatory:  Exempt plant stress and solar protectant

Crop Finish:  Clear – leaves no visible residue