Our Mission

Expand your arsenal of innovative and effective tools to combat insects, diseases and pests with Sym-Agro’s growing portfolio of fungicides, pesticides, miticides, biologicals and more. We’ve launched and developed a high-performance collection of science-based solutions that deliver the utmost in results and ROI for horticulture and specialty agriculture producers. From rapid pest knockdown to preventive and curative disease activity, we employ the most advanced technology to help growers ensure maximum yields and quality for fruit, nuts, vines, vegetables, row crops and more.

Our Growing Product Categories

carrot in soil


Promote plant health by improving soil fertility and plant nutrition the natural way with beneficial bacteria and fungi.


Biochemical Pesticides

Stimulate the natural growth and defense systems of crops to enhance overall plant health and encourage increased plant stamina and vigor.

potato field


Enhance plant growth and yield performance with plant growth nutrients formulated for foliar applications.


Fungicides/ Insecticides

Protect and heal a broad spectrum of bacterial and fungal diseases with powerful systemic formulas.


Growth Enhancers

Stimulate plant root growth with soil additives applied by in-furrow spray, ground spray or irrigation systems.