Cinnerate is a fast acting knock down miticide & fungicide that goes to work immediately to stop labeled diseases, immobilize and kill mites, and other labeled insects. The Cinnamon Oil active ingredient contains a high percentage of cinnamaldehyde, emulsified with potassium oleate.  The innovative formulation provides high levels of control with low applications rates, and a high degree of crop safety, when used as directed.  Cinnerate has an eradicative effect against many fungal pathogens such as powdery mildews, Botrytis, rusts and other labeled diseases. Cinnerate controls most mite species, affecting all life stages including eggs as well other insect pests listed on the label. Cinnerate has little to no effect on beneficial predator populations, allowing effective control without disruption of an IPM program, when used as directed.  Please refer to label for full list of pests controlled.

Cinnerate’s key advantages:
• Fast acting mite control – all life stages
• Fast, effective knockdown of powdery mildew
• Safe on beneficial predators, when used as directed
• Sulfur Compatible: Cinnerate has no restrictions before or
after the use of sulfur
• Flexible application – can be used up to and during harvest
• Multiple modes of action/resistance management
• Synergist tank mix partner for fungicides/miticides
• Approved for organic use

Check out the Cinnerate Citrus video on the tab above.