INVOKE is a proprietary fertilizer combination of a patented source of protein hydrolysate combined with pure ascophyllan nodosum. This rich source of natural amino acids, carbohydrates and protein acts to feed plant response at key physiological times.

Invoke works with your crop to feed the floral and cell division phases in tree & vine crops, resulting in larger, higher quality fruit. In addition, Invoke provides significant plant growth enhancement, which may include improved overall plant vigor, accelerated flowering, fruit set, and cell division, resulting in enhanced crop uniformity, size and yield.

  • Increase in photosynthetic activity: This response occurs within 24-48 hours and last up to 21 days – speeding up the plants’ growth.
  • Increase in root growth: Plants respond with an increase in root growth. In many crops this is as much as 15-20% over UTC.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake: Enhanced nutrient uptake and local utilization.
  • Increased Disease Defense: This is achieved through thickening of cellular walls and plant’s cuticle. Secondly, through an increase of antioxidant levels throughout the plant to defend against bacterial & fungal attack.