Sym-Agro, Inc. Expands Availability of ProBlad® Verde Fungicide Nationwide in Response to Demand

VISALIA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2023 – Sym-Agro, Inc. announced that ProBlad® Verde fungicide will now be available to growers across the U.S. for use on a variety of crops, including stone fruit, caneberries, strawberries, pome fruits, grapes, almonds, leafy greens, herbs and tomatoes.  Previously only available in the western U.S., ProBlad® Verde is a locally systemic, curative and preventative fungicide that is highly effective against a broad spectrum of fungal and bacterial pathogens, including powdery mildew, Botrytis and brown rot.

“We have been extremely impressed at how well this product works,” said Sym-Agro President Peter Bierma. “We have fielded calls from growers and distributors across the country requesting that this product become available after they heard positive reviews from growers in the West over the past several years. We are excited that the proven results from ProBlad® Verde can now spread to the rest of the nation – and stop the spread of pests.”

The exclusive BLAD technology in ProBlad® Verde attacks all active disease life cycle stages, causing cell death within 24 hours and providing up to 13 days of residual control. This bio-fungicide features multi-site mode of action in a single active ingredient delivering disease control comparable to leading synthetics. ProBlad® Verde is a flexible tool for growers because it is exempt from MRL restrictions and offers tank-mix compatibility, leading to superior disease management.  Years of trials and on-farm use demonstrate the strength of disease and yield protection that ProBlad® Verde provides. “Growers who incorporate the unique, multi-site mode of action of ProBlad® Verde in their disease management program have an excellent approach to manage against disease resistance and maximize crop marketability,” said Bierma.