INSTILL is an effective broad-spectrum bactericide + fungicide labeled for use on fruits, vegetables, nuts, grapes, and herbs. Its patented chemistry speeds absorption into plants, enabling its active ingredient to move into the plant and be retained in the bio-system for up to 21 days. INSTILL is a true solution (not a suspension) that leaves no visible residue and won’t clog spray nozzles.

Superior Formulation – INSTILL’s active ingredient is copper sulfate pentahydrate, which is double chelated into a form of copper that safely crosses the plant membrane and enters the plant tissue. The active ion form provides immediate disease sanitation and is retained within the treated crop for virtually rain proof protection.   A second key benefit is the local systemic activity provided with INSTILL to mobilize and protect new tissue. It has consistently provided trusted disease control and works significantly better than other low dose or metallic coppers. INSTILL’s formulation is acidic, and the ideal spray solution pH at application is 5.5 – 6.5 which is compatible with many pesticides, including pH sensitive insecticides. The lower pH creates an osmotic pull from the plant to draw the copper into the treated tissue. In addition, the low pH opens up many tank mix options which are not possible with standard coppers.

Exceptional Crop safety – INSTILL’s remarkable 30-year crop safety record makes it a trusted in-season copper fungicide solution to avoid fruit marking.  The low dose applications, high efficacy towards tough diseases, and no visual residue provide a proven, effective option for applications up to the time of harvest.