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A Biochemical Pesticide for Foliar Use that:

  • Suppresses Nematode Egg Production
  • Enhances Growth, Quality and Yield
  • Increases Plant Stamina and Vigor


ProAct stimulates the natural growth and defense systems of crops, enhancing overall plant health. Healthier plants exhibit increased plant stamina and vigor, leading to one or more of the following benefits: suppression of nematode egg production, increased marketable yield, and enhanced quality.

ProAct is a new tool for use in Integrated Crop Management (ICM). Product efficacy is based on its ability to activate the plant’s own internal defense and growth mechanisms. ProAct works best when used in conjunction with good crop management practices.

ProAct can be used to suppress nematode egg production while improving plant and root growth. ProAct offers a different mode of action for nematode suppression. Use of a labeled preplant application of a soil fumigant, contact nematicide, or nematicidal seed treatment is typically needed for nematode suppression in most crops. Apply ProAct for supplemental suppression of nematode egg production.