MYCONATE® AS contains formononetin, a naturally occurring isoflavone. In nature, formononetin functions as an attractant for VAM fungi, which typically colonize the roots of crops.  Formononetin increases the rate of growth and colonization of roots by beneficial VAM fungi.  By directing growth of VAM fungi towards crop roots, formononetin can result in earlier and increased root colonization and enhanced growth of the VAM fungi.  Formononetin has no effect on the crop itself.

Myconate is a water-based soil additive designed to stimulate the growth of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) on plant roots when applied by in-furrow spray, ground spray, or irrigation systems. VAM fungi form symbiotic associations with roots of approximately 80% of all plant species, including most agriculturally important crops. VAM fungi are known to have beneficial effects on plants.

Myconate works quickly. As soon as roots appear, they are quickly colonized by mycorrhizal fungi, which in effect develops a larger root system to improve water and fertilizer uptake, resulting in healthier plants…and bigger yields.

Myconate provides more reliable results by activating the natural (native) mycorrhizae and is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides.