Hemp Growers Now Have a Proven Botanical Product Suite for Powerful Control of Hemp Pests & Diseases

Visalia, Calif., February 24, 2020 – Sym-Agro has assembled a suite of highly effective, naturally derived, broad-spectrum tools to give hemp growers maximum control over powdery mildew, botrytis, mites (including hemp russet mite), worms and other common pests and diseases.

“These innovative formulations deliver maximum control of common and hard-to-manage hemp pests and diseases,” says Sym-Agro President Peter Bierma. “They are designed to provide greater bio-efficacy toward a broad spectrum of species, without leaving a visible residue, and with the flexibility of applying safely up to the day of harvest.”

Products currently available in Sym-Agro’s suite of hemp pest and disease control products include:

Alluma – A powerful tank mix option that makes insecticide control more effective. The high-potency plant-based essential oil acts as an insecticide, insect repellent and miticide. It works as a contact repellent and trans-laminar product, as well as a feeding and oviposition deterrent. Alluma performs best as a synergist added to growers’ existing insecticide programs to target hard-to-control pests like mites, thrips and lepidoptera. Trial work with Cinnerate and azadirachtin insecticides has shown a high synergy and increased pest spectrum and control. 25B exempt, certified USDA NOP organic, WSDA Organic Listed, suitable for resistance management.

AVIV™ – The first clear liquid, non-staining Bacillus, an award-winning lower-cost, higher-efficacy option to protect against fungi, bacteria and soil-borne diseases. AVIV uses a patented manufacturing process to optimize the bioavailability of its active ingredient, a newly discovered strain of Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03. The process helps AVIV solubilize completely in the spray tank, eliminating the risk of clogged application equipment and leaving no visual deposit on treated crops. The increased bioavailability of AVIV’s active ingredient means low use rates – about 60% lower than other Bacillus-based fungicides – and AVIV costs less than competing products. Field research has confirmed that AVIV’s spectrum of activity is wider than other Bacillus choices, so growers don’t have to use different Bacillus for botrytis and powdery mildew. 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI), 4-hour re-entry interval (REI), OMRI listed.

AzaPro – A broad-spectrum insecticide/nematicide that delivers 3-in-1 control of more than 300 different insects, mites and nematodes. Its active ingredient is a highly bioactive form of azadirachtin. The clean formulation contains 75% less carrier oil. With a dual mode of action, it acts primarily as an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), with residual formula that acts as a repellent. AzaPro can be applied in combination or rotation with currently available products such as synthetic pyrethroid and organophosphate (OPs) insecticides. 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI), 4-hour re-entry interval (REI), OMRI listed.

Cinnerate – A fast acting knock down miticide & fungicide that stops disease and immobilizes and kills mites and other insects. The active ingredient is based on cinnamon oil, emulsified with potassium oleate. It provides high levels of control with low application rates and a high degree of crop safety. Cinnerate has an eradicative effect against many fungal pathogens such as powdery mildews, Botrytis, rusts and other diseases. It controls most mite species, affecting all life stages including eggs as well other insect pests. Cinnerate is safe on beneficial predators, and has no restrictions around sulfur use. Approved for organic use, 25B exempt, certified USDA NOP organic, OMRI Organic.

For more information on any of Sym-Agro’s hemp pest  and disease control products, please contact 541-607-5097 or info@sym-agro.com.