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Algamin® XTO is a double strength 50 percent concentrate liquid Ascophyllum nodosum which may be applied through any type of sprayer including ultra-low volume. Algamin® XTO can also be used through automatic watering systems, overhead lines, mist propagation equipment, trickle lines, etc.

Derived from fresh Irish kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) that contains nutrients that help plants grow in their own unique way. A foliar feed will benefit the plants quickly through the leaves. It also conditions the soil by feeding a multitude of beneficial microorganisms.

For centuries farmers have known the value of seaweed. Seaweed feeds and enriches plants and conditions the soil with a wide range of nutrients. These beneficial elements promote strong and healthy plants while increasing resistance to stressful conditions. To produce a good crop, you must provide vital resources such as water and nurture the plants by replenishing nutrients. Algamin is an outstanding source of these important nutrients that will improve overall plant health.