Industry Partnerships

Sym-Agro strives to develop partnerships with industry leaders of crop protection products that meet our quality and efficacy standards. This encompasses both traditional pesticides and the newer biological arena.

plant-health-carePlant Health Care offers biologically based products to improve the health, vigor, and yield of major field crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, and tobacco, as well as specialty crops such as fruits, vegetables and citrus.

Many of these products feature the Harp-N-Tek™ technology that uses Harpin Protein to trigger growth and self-defense mechanisms within the plants, stimulating more robust plant health and fruiting, which increases yield. Another effect of Harp-N-Tek is a reduction in nematode eggs and juvenile populations among plant roots.

PHC Myconate is a soil amendment that is proven to help many crops produce better yields, Based on a naturally occurring signaling compound, Myconate works by stimulating the colonization of plant roots by beneficial microorganisms called mycorrhizal fungi. With more mycorrhizal fungi at work, each plant can draw more nutrients and moisture out of the soil.

Plant Health Care mycorrhizal fungi products, including new field crop seed treatments now in development, restore the natural strategic partnership plants have with these fungi, which extend the roots of plants to increase nutrient uptake, and strengthen plant health.

Plant Health Care also provides a variety of specialized micronutrient formulations, soil amendments, and inoculants featuring beneficial rhizobacteria for specialty crops. Some of these fertility products include Harpin Protein to improve plant health and vigor, while others contains mycorrhizal fungi in addition to beneficial soil nutrients and microbes.

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seipasaSEIPASA believes in improving quality and food safety as an investment for the future. The preservation of natural resources and genetic diversity are essential for a sustainable agricultural development. SEIPASA is a reference company for the Spanish Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine affairs, and has gained the trust of the major wine, horticultural and agricultural producers from Spain and other countries, and advises many public and private forums.

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